Sunday, January 9, 2011

Switched at Birth: Nature Vs. Nurture

In the popular media and in anthropology there has been an ongoing debate over the role of "nature" vs. "nurture" in the determination of human physiological and cultural traits. Studies of twins separated at birth can some light on this, as can the unusual occurrence of babies switched at birth. Listen to the fascinating story of two such babies at Switched At Birth. Below is a synopsis.

This American Life "Switched At Birth"

"On a summer day in 1951, two baby girls were born in a hospital in small-town Wisconsin. The infants were accidentally switched, and went home with the wrong families. One of the mothers realized the mistake but chose to keep quiet. Until the day, more than 40 years later, when she decided to tell both daughters what happened. How the truth changed two families' lives—and how it didn't."

This is an incredible story that is as entertaining as it is educational. Listen, I promise you'll be enthralled.

Also, if you are interested in twin studies see the following story:

'Identical Strangers' Explore Nature Vs. Nurture

"What is it that makes us who we really are: our life experiences or our DNA? Paula Bernstein and Elyse Schein were both born in New York City. Both women were adopted as infants and raised by loving families. They met for the first time when they were 35 years old and found they were "identical strangers."

Unknowingly, Bernstein and Schein had been part of a secret research project in the 1960s and '70s that separated identical twins as infants and followed their development in a one-of-a-kind experiment to assess the influence of nature vs. nurture in child development.

Now, the twins, authors of a new memoir called Identical Strangers, are trying to uncover the truth about the study."

To hear the story go to: 'Identical Strangers'

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