Saturday, April 16, 2011

Freegansim: A Modern Day Foraging Movement

During our class lecture on subsistence, one of you asked if agricultural production is in fact "the worst mistake" in human history, why don't we return to a foraging, or a hunting and gathering lifestyle? Although many fewer communities than in the past participate in foraging today, it is worth noting that in many urban areas around the world, foraging is on the rise. It is the central practice of a new political and cultural movement intended to address capitalist-induced, global human waste - one meal at a time. Check out this short video to learn more about it. Then ask yourself, how different is this new form of foraging from traditional foraging in terms of its means and ends.

Also, another urban foraging story is that of ForageSF, an organization in San Francisco that offers "wild food walks" to the public. These walks, designed to teach people how to forage, are part of a larger ForageSF mission to "connect Bay Area dwellers with the wild food that is all around them."

Through a monthly box of all wild foraged foods, which we call a CSF, we deliver fresh, sustainably harvest wild food to city dwellers. From wild mushrooms to acorn flour, there is a wealth of edible forage just outside our doors that few people know about, and still fewer ever consume. Our goal is to push people out of the supermarket, to get them trying new foods harvested sustainably and fairly by their neighbors.

Learn more at: ForageSF.

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