Friday, July 29, 2011

Homo sapiens Outnumber Neandertals.

A recently published article contends that the extinction of Homo neandertalensis was due to the fact that they were outnumbered and outsmarted by Homo sapiens.
Mellars and French analysed archaeological evidence in PĂ©rigord, a former province of southwestern France, which is renowned for its neanderthal and early human sites. They found that the population of homo sapiens that arrived in the region was at least ten times larger than that of the neanderthals already settled there.

In particular, the area saw a sharp rise in the number and size of early human sites and the detritus of life they left behind, such as stone tools and the remains of animal carcasses, according to a report in Science.

The researchers believe the sheer pressure of being outnumbered was exacerbated by the social and technological advantages that modern humans displayed, from long-range hunting spears to stronger cooperation and communication. The arrival of modern humans coincided with the appearence of elaborate cave paintings, decorative stones and beads, and imported shells, suggesting homo sapiens had a more complex society than the neanderthals.
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  1. The image illustrated is more likely Homo Erectus. The skull contours are not at all like a Neandertal. The brow ridge is incorrect,there is a lack of pronounced mid facial prognathism and the brain case is too small.